Develop a DSL for Bio-Geo-Chemical Models

Type Master Thesis

Task Part of the OceanDSL project is to provide a DSL for biogeochemical models or parts of them. These models can be specified in various ways. Our goal is to provide a concise DSL that allows to create and extend such models. The key tasks in this thesis are:

  • Analyze the domain to understand the how bio-geo-chemical models are researched and developed.
  • Identify parts we can address with a new DSL.
  • Design a DSL based on our technology stack, the stack of Dusk/Dawn or PSyclone, or a combination of those, depending on your findings.


  • Dusk/Dawn
  • Metos3D
  • PSyclone
  • Biogeochemical models
    • Piwonski, J. and Slawig, T. (2016). Metos3D: the Marine Ecosystem Toolkit for Optimization and Simulation in 3-D – Part 1: Simulation Package v0.3.2. Geoscientific Model Development, 9:3729–3750
    • Kriest, I., Khatiwala, S., and Oschlies, A. (2010). Towards an assessment of simple global marine biogeochemical models of different complexity. Progress In Oceanography, 86(3-4):337–360