Work Packages

A thorough understanding of marine biogeochemistry is crucial for future predictions of climate and climate change ​[1]​. To support this, OceanDSL aims to provide tools and processes to develop, evolve and use ocean biogeochemical models. To achieve this goal, we support ocean scientists with DSLs and automation. According to the typical roles
in biogeochemical ocean modelling as described above, we propose to design and develop an infrastructure of DSLs consisting of

  • a DSL for the marine biogeochemistry (BGC-DSL),
  • a DSL for the ocean transport (Transport-DSL),
  • a DSL for the simulation configuration of coupled biogeochemistry and transport models (Simulation-DSL),
  • and finally a DSL for the deployment of the resulting software product on high-performance computing systems (Deployment-DSL).
Envisioned DSLs for ocean modelling and the roles they support with OceanDSL.
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