OceanDSL focuses on the development and evaluation of domain-specific languages (DSLs) for ocean modelling. Our aim is to provide specific languages for the different use cases and scientists with a variety of disciplinary backgrounds to foster their collaboration and the integration of their work. Furthermore, we want to support the reuse and repeatability of models and reduce the cost of development freeing scientists from programming labor.

Our project started in October 2019 and ends in August 2023. During that time we will develop and evaluate DSLs for Biogeochemical Models, Transport, Parameterization and Configuration, and Deployment to support different tasks and aspects of ocean modeling.

Envisioned DSLs for ocean modeling and the roles they support with OceanDSL.

OceanDSL is a project at the software engineering research group at Kiel University and part of Kiel Marine Science and the Future Ocean Network.