Architecture Recovery, Analysis and Optimization Tools

In our effort to introduce DSLs for specific tasks and views of scientific models and their integration in workflows and software, we need to understand how scientific models are structured and if necessary, how they can be improved. Therefore, we developed several tools. These tools can be found at

It is planned to move these tools at the end of the OceanDSL project to our performance analysis and architecture recovery framework Kieker. Our tools are already based on Kieker and its infrastructure.

The following tools are currently included in this tool set. Tool specific documentation can be found here.

  • Dynamic Architecture Recovery (dar)
  • Static Architecture Recovery (sar)
  • Model Architecture Analysis (maa)
  • Model Merger and Selection (mop)
  • Model Relabeling Tool (relabel)
  • Model Visualization and Statistics (mvis)

In addition, we use

  • Kieker collector to log monitoring events when performing dynamic observations on a software, which can be found in the Kieker binary archive.
  • Kieker language pack for C which also support C++, Fortran and any other language supported by gcc or Intel’s compiler suite
  • Fxtran to parse Fortran code in XML
  • ESM coupling analysis to process the XML into input call CSV files used by sar